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a transformational speaker, author and attorney who believes that you can reach your destiny if you have faith, motivation, and determination.

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What is your dream?

What goals do you have in the forefront of your mind?  Whatever is standing in your way, albeit very real - is temporary. You can fashion a life that you’ve always wanted to have and deserve. It’s my mission to empower you - and to tell you that you’re worth believing in, and fighting for! 

Why? The reason I can stand in empowerment and in belief for you, is because I had to first stand for myself. Over my lifetime, I’ve overcome many adversities. I’m determined to let you know that you can be an overcomer too!

Your obstacles don’t have to define your present or future. If you have a dream, I’m here to tell you that you can obtain it.

Don’t allow undesirable circumstances to
be excuses for you to fail, but allow them to be reasons for you to excel.
— Corey Minor Smith

Corey Empowers delivers an impactful keynote to create a transformational and meaningful experience for attendees.

Corey is one of the most engaging presenters and knowledgeable speakers I’ve encountered, a brilliant woman who will inspire you to soar above your circumstances and navigate your way from negativity to positive outcomes. She’s the real deal!
— Dr. Michael Eric Dyson | Distinguished Professor at Georgetown University and New York Times Bestselling Author

Life is full of obstacles and roadblocks, but we are the drivers on the road to our own destiny. In #Driven, a motivational memoir, Corey Minor Smith shares her compelling story of how, with supportive family and friends, she propelled forward in the face of significant challenges.